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Elementary offers curricula under the Indiana Department of Education Proficiency Standards with emphasis on linguistic and cognitive skills with real world applications. Elementary at ISD comprises the Kindergarten through fifth grades. American Sign Language (ASL) is the language of instruction. The curricula encompass American Sign Language, language arts (ESL and literacy), mathematics, science, social studies, arts, physical education, computer lab, drama, communication, and social skills.


The major goal of the Elementary Program is to provide linguistic, social, and intellectual experiences to enable the students to develop literacy in two languages – ASL and English. Culturally, the students are offered experiences that will enhance the acquisition of the behaviors, attitudes, and values of both Deaf and Hearing communities. Caring adults who are licensed teachers provide these bilingual, bicultural experiences that support each child’s self-esteem and pride in family, community, ethnic, and linguistic heritage. We view ourselves as members of a world community with a variety of values and traditions. We feel that educational opportunities to learn about and value other cultures and traditions are important to the understanding and respecting of one’s own individual culture and traditions.

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